Resolve to Prevent Epidemics


Resolve to Save Lives created, the world’s first website to
provide an overall score for a country’s ability to find, stop and prevent diseases. spotlights gaps in epidemic preparedness and highlights actions countries, donors, activists, and organizations can take to fill them.  Is your country prepared for the next epidemic? Visit to find out.


A severe pandemic could
kill millions and
costs trillions of dollars.


It’s not a matter of “if” there will be a new disease outbreak that threatens millions of lives – but “when.” Resolve to Prevent Epidemics will strengthen public health systems in low- and middle-income countries, so that countries can find, stop and prevent health threats before they get out of control.

Following the Ebola epidemic, a rigorous accountability framework was established (the Joint External Evaluation, or JEE) to evaluate each country’s ability to respond to disease outbreaks. More than 50 countries completed this process by mid- 2017, but life-threatening gaps in preparedness have been identified with little done so far to fill these gaps.  

Resolve to Prevent Epidemics will ensure that the accurate, objective, and transparent JEE process will continue, and that the results are shared to encourage effective action. Resolve to Prevent Epidemics will help governments in low- and middle-income countries strengthen their public health capacities, secure donor funding, and strengthen key areas to improve capacity and preparedness.

These areas include:


Implementing and strengthening disease tracking systems so that unusual events are promptly noticed and investigated.


Training and supporting “disease detectives” – epidemiologists who will track and investigate diseases and outbreaks.



Supporting laboratory networks so that new and emerging pathogens are recognized promptly.


Developing rapid response teams to investigate and stop outbreaks, and creating functional emergency operations centers that will work within structured, effective incident management systems.


Most countries have the intention and determination to prepare for epidemics, but have struggled to implement their plans to strengthen capacity. Resolve to Prevent Epidemics aims to catalyze technical assistance and secure funding from governments, development banks and donors to turn their plans into funded projects, and in doing so, protect the health of millions.


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